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It is mandatory to have regular access to a good stationary bicycle (in your home or at a fitness center) as well as other basic exercise equipment in order to follow the program.  Please consult the FAQs page for additional info.  

A good stationary bicycle costs less then some short-term diets or fitness membership!

With the BEEDLW program, you will lose excess fat and get fit by:

Using a stationary bicycle to do low impact cardio exercise routines to maximize fat loss and improve your endurance.

Using an EZ curl bar and a floor mat, you will do upper and lower body muscle toning/building exercises.

Starting with Phase 3 of the program, you will do my unique Super Duper Fat Burning Muscle Toning Full Body Workout to further maximize fat loss and improve your endurance.

Enjoying balanced nutrition and drinking between 1.5 - 3.5 litres of water per day.

The Breathe Eat Exercise and Drink Lots of Water (BEEDLW) program has 5 progressive Phases as follows:

What is included:

Quick Start Guide 

Information and Instruction Book

Exercise and Progress Tracking Log

Priority E-mail & Phone Support for 1 Year

Price $12.99 CAD ebook

Program - Outline


Understand the Leading Causes of Obesity

Losing Excess Fat Simplified

Exercise, Nutrition and Diabetes
   The Balancing Act

Rhythmic Breathing for Energy

Nutrition 101

Just Add Water

Sample Meal Plans

Before You Begin 

Phase 1 (1 month): Start Healthy Habits

Phase 2 (2 months): Simple Exercise Routines

Phase 3 (3months): Burn More Fat in Less Time Exercise Routines

How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Exercise Time

How to Strengthen your Core Muscles

Sample Meal Plans to Fuel Intermediate and Advanced Exercises

Introduction to the 30 minute Super-Duper-Fat-Burning-

Phase 4 (3 months): Maximize Fat Loss with Intermediate and Advanced Super-Duper-Fat-Burning-Muscle-Toning-Full-Body-Workouts

Phase 5 (as long as you can): You decide.  

Continue with Phase 3 and 4 workouts to lose more fat, build muscles and continue building endurance;


Do maintenance exercises for the rest of your life. 

Price $12.99 CAD ebook

Legal Stuff and Privacy Policy


Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain fat loss and muscle definition.

The BEEDLW program is a set of cardio and resistance exercise routines, combined with nutritional suggestions, designed for overweight or obese people to gradually get back in shape and lose excess fat. Before undertaking this or any fitness routine you should check with your Physician. You should never perform exercise if you feel pain or if you have an existing medical condition that may put you at risk. Remember that just because the information I will be sharing with you may have the potential to help you burn your excess fat and get fitter and stronger, individual results may vary & any workout you do should be consistent with your current fitness level.

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