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BEEDLW program .

The cost is $12.99 


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Remember that it is mandatory to have regular access to a good stationary bicycle (in your home or at a fitness center). Additionally, other basic exercise equipments are required in order to follow the program.  Please consult the FAQs page for the list.


Money back guarantee: If within 90 days, from the date of purchase, you are not satisfied with your overall progress, let us know why* and we will refund your money less 10% for admin fees.

* The reason we ask for an explanation is to determine if you were not ready to embrace a fitness and healthy lifestyle or if it's the program that failed you.

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Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain fat loss and muscle definition.

The BEEDLW program is a set of cardio and resistance exercise routines, combined with nutritional suggestions, designed for overweight or obese people to gradually get back in shape and lose excess fat. Before undertaking this or any fitness routine you should check with your Physician. You should never perform exercise if you feel pain or if you have an existing medical condition that may put you at risk. Remember that just because the information I will be sharing with you may have the potential to help you burn your excess fat and get fitter and stronger, individual results may vary & any workout you do should be consistent with your current fitness level.

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