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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the program pre-requisites? 

A.  In addition to consulting your Physician before beginning this exercise program, following are the pre-requisites:

Mandatory items

You must purchase a good quality stationary bicycle (cost $300-$600) or have regular access to one, via a fitness club membership.  This is necessary because most of the cardio exercises will be done on a stationary bicycle.  Also, since you will be expected to exercise 3-5 times per week, having the bicycle in your home will be much more convenient.
You must be healthy enough to do light to advanced cardiovascular exercises and light to intermediate resistance training. If you are not sure about the health of your heart, please consult your Physician.
You need to purchase or have regular access to an EZ curl bar with, an initial, 5-15 lbs of weights for resistance exercises.
Optional items/recommendations
Consult a certified nutritionist for personalized nutrition advice.
Exercise mat for floor exercises.
Heart rate monitor with a chest strap if you don't want to hold the bicycle's built-in heart rate monitor all the time.
Weightlifting belt or back brace if you have concerns about your lower back.
Push-up bars if you have concerns about your wrists.


Q.  How often do I need to exercise?

A.  You need to exercise 4-5 times a week most weeks (if required, you can refrain from exercising up to 2 weeks at a time).  Obviously, the more regularly you exercise, the faster you will get results.


Q.  How long do the exercise sessions last?

A.  The exercise sessions will last between 20-45 minutes.  During Phases 1-2 you will mainly exercise 20 to 30 minutes to build initial endurance.  During Phases 3-5 you will exercise between 20-45 minutes.


Q.  How long is the program?

A.  This program is a long-term program, it designed to have you build a strong health and fitness foundation in 9 months; beyond that you should continue to exercise regularly (3-4 times per week, most weeks) to maintain or enhance your fitness foundation. When you consider the long-term benefits to your health, 9 months is not a lot to rebuild your fitness and health foundation; I know people who have wasted years and thousands of dollars on short-term diets and fitness programs without lasting results.  The simple fact is that, if you are overweight or obese and have not exercised regularly for 5 years or more, you need to rebuild your cardiovascular endurance, muscles and muscle memory, and that cannot be done in a short time-frame. The longer you stick to a regular exercise routine, the stronger your muscles and cardiovascular system will become, and that will allow you to stop exercising regularly for up to 2 months without losing too much of your progress.


Q.  I have a treadmill, why can't I use that do the cardio exercises?

A.  A treadmill is great once you get to an intermediate level of fitness and closer to your ideal BMI weight; However, an exercise bicycle will put less stress on your lower body joints (lower back, hips, knees and ankles) and will be less taxing on your cardiovascular system.  Having said that, you can easily do the cardio exercises on a treadmill by following the stated objectives of the exercise routines.


Q.  How fast can I lose weight?

A.  This program is not about losing weight fast nor is it for people who want to lose weight fast.  It's about getting fit, staying fit and having a balanced nutrition for life.  Fat loss will be one of the pleasant results of becoming fit and having a balanced nutrition.


Q.  Why doesn't the program focus on weight loss?

A.  The program focuses on positive actions (exercise, healthy nutrition) not results (fat loss/weight loss).  Overweight or obese people have accumulated too much fat, thus need to lose that excess fat which, will reduce their overall weight.  The best way to lose fat and keep it off, for the long-term, is through a combination of regular exercises routines and balanced nutrition.  


Q.  I just want to flatten my stomach, will this program help me?

A.  Depending on how much fat you have around your stomach, flattening your stomach can be challenging because you can't just flatten it without losing most of the excess fat you have overall and building your abdominal muscles. 


Q.  I have been trying to lose my last 15 pounds of fat in order to reach my ideal BMI weight.  Can your program help me?

A.  Absolutely.  Losing the last 15 pounds of fat is very challenging because your body wants to keep that last bit of excess fat as security.  The solution is presented during Phase 4 of the program by doing the Super-Duper-Fat-Burning-Muscle-Toning-Full-Body-Workouts.  


Q.  Can my teenager benefit from this program? 

A.  Absolutely.  Although the program should only be ordered by people over 18, younger kids can benefit from it under the supervision of an adult.  I use the principles of this program to ensure that my 8 year old son stays physically active and has a balanced nutrition. 


Q.  I only want to lose weight for an upcoming special event and I want to look good.  Can your program help me?

A.  This program is not a quick fix or about losing weight fast for special events.  It's about getting fit, staying fit and having a balanced nutrition for life.  That way, you'll already be looking fabulous when there is an upcoming special event.


Q.  Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A.  I offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.  If you follow the program and don't see results, return the material and request a refund.  I will refund your money less 10% return fee.

Legal Stuff and Privacy Policy


Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain fat loss and muscle definition.

The BEEDLW program is a set of cardio and resistance exercise routines, combined with nutritional suggestions, designed for overweight or obese people to gradually get back in shape and lose excess fat. Before undertaking this or any fitness routine you should check with your Physician. You should never perform exercise if you feel pain or if you have an existing medical condition that may put you at risk. Remember that just because the information I will be sharing with you may have the potential to help you burn your excess fat and get fitter and stronger, individual results may vary & any workout you do should be consistent with your current fitness level.

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