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Imagine being fit, healthy and feeling energetic throughout your day!
Imagine not having to worry about your weight!
Imagine yourself with a body that helps you feel confident and attractive!

With the BEEDLW program, you can achieve all of the above!

 Hello, my name is Patrice Sylla and the Breathe Eat Exercise and Drink Lots of Water (BEEDLW) program is based on my personal experiences with accidently starting a long-term exercise program in 2008 and dealing with type 2 diabetes for over 9 years.  I only achieved lasting results when, by accident, I started exercising regularly, combined with proper nutrition.

It all began in 2008 with a public transit strike in Ottawa, Canada, where I live.  By having to walk 20 minutes twice a day, 5 days per week for 2 months, I gradually developed a regular exercise habit which I have been improving upon ever since.  

I decided to create the program because I want to help overweight or obese people, who may have not exercised regularly for 5 or more years, get in shape and get within 15 lbs of their ideal weight for good.

Combined with balanced nutrition, exercising regularly (3-5 times per week) is a key component of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and a good fitness level. 

Starting and sustaining an exercise program is challenging for an overweight or obese person, because it may have been years regular exercise was part of their lifestyle.

I spent 25 years of my life being out of shape and overweight, so I can empathize with
the challenges you will face.  I designed the program to simplify and ease the process!

Most of the commercially available fitness programs have short-term goals and, therefore, the exercises are quite challenging.  The BEEDLW program solves this problem by taking a gradual and realistic approach to helping you get back in shape.

Success will be measured by how much your fitness has improved
and your body fat % has decreased.

The program is designed to gradually rebuild your fitness and health foundation over 9 months of progressively more challenging exercise routines and developing healthy eating habits.  Beyond the 9 months, you are expected to continue exercising regularly and maintain the healthy eating habits.

I truly believe that this program's suggestions and exercise routines will help you become physically fit and healthier - PERMANENTLY.

To learn more about me and the program, download the FREE program previewIn it, I share my personal fitness success story, provide you the program preview and share with you some of the reasons why short-term diets and exercise programs ultimately fail.

Give the BEEDLW program a try and I wish you all the best!

Picture of me, with my sons in the
Caribbean before starting program.
(195 lbs and 35% body fat)
Picture of me, exercising in my basement Picture of me, after the program
(170 lbs and 20% body fat) 

Picture of me after completing my first 5k run in Sept 2010
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Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain fat loss and muscle definition.

The BEEDLW program is a set of cardio and resistance exercise routines, combined with nutritional suggestions, designed for overweight or obese people to gradually get back in shape and lose excess fat. Before undertaking this or any fitness routine you should check with your Physician. You should never perform exercise if you feel pain or if you have an existing medical condition that may put you at risk. Remember that just because the information I will be sharing with you may have the potential to help you burn your excess fat and get fitter and stronger, individual results may vary & any workout you do should be consistent with your current fitness level.

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